About Us – 2 Ladies 1 Vac

About Us

About Us

2Ladies1Vac is a fully insured premiere cleaning service

Residential & Managed Properties

We specialize in providing professional and affordable cleaning services using the best products.

What Sets Us Apart... 

2L1V is an employee-owned company.  Every member of the team shares ownership and can make decisions to better serve you.


Our success in the highly competitive market of cleaning services is based on our foundation built from the ground up.

Our service delivery professionals average over 10yrs of experience.

Our Process

High Technology | On Demand Service | Knowledgeable Employees 

We are committed to delivering a world-class, subscription-based cleaning service you can afford.

We offer an online payment system and recurring payment. 

What do our customers say about us?

I have some medical issues and am unable to clean my house as I used to. I wasn’t very happy with any of the other companies I’d worked with in the past, and there were quite a few. Some things would be out of place, other areas not cleaned very well and the house didn’t smell very clean aft.er they left. But I met 2 ladies one day in a store and inquired about the company. Before learning about the company, I learned that the ladies were very down to earth and very caring people. So, I took a leap of faith and asked them over to clean. And sure, they did the normal cleaning of bathrooms, bedrooms, and kitchen. Swept, dusted, mopped and polished both furniture and floors. But when I saw how they made my floors shine, like I’ve never seen any floors shine before, I was hooked! They cleaned the baseboards, ceiling fans, light bulbs, window sills, screen doors, storm doors, banisters (again to a really nice shine), and the house was looking showroom ready and smelling unbelievably clean in about 3 hours. Needless to say, I request these ladies come back at least once a month. Other cleaning companies do clean, but 2 Ladies 1 Vac, IS the company I stand by and will continue to recommend to both friends and family for home and business/property cleaning alike!